Whisky Distilleries Australia is your portal to the world of Whisky distillers from the land down under. No longer do you need to search through endless pages of distillery names and find the distillers in your area. Let The Spirit Trail shows you just how many Whisky producers there are in Australia and how many are close to you to discover. It’s the perfect time to be a Whisky lover as Whisky’s popularity is on the rise. Hot on the heels of the craft beer boom, our nation is experiencing an explosion in the number of Australian distilleries producing high quality Australian Whisky. In the early 1990s several small craft distilleries began to open beginning with Lark Distillery in 1992, and followed by other small distilleries in Tasmania and Victoria. Since 1990, the whisky industry in Australia has seen significant growth, as of 2020 there are over 293 Distilleries in operation within Australia, of which an estimated 50 have whisky products on the market, with more in the process of creating their first whisky. Whisky Distilleries Australia