Billson’s Vodka Flavours

Billson’s Vodka Flavours, what are they all?

By now you have probably seen the range of premixed vodka cans in your local bottle shop but you may not have seen the entire range that is on offer.

To create the range of Billson’s premix vodka cans they first start with their triple distilled vodka which is crafted using pure alpine spring water from their well in the centre of Beechworth.

Next the vodka is perfectly blended with Billson’s classic sodas, all of which are made from the finest local ingredients, to create a light, sparkling mixed spirit that’s ready to drink whenever you are.

Here is the Full List of available Billson’s Vodka Flavours;

  • Vodka with Banoffee
  • Vodka with Pine Lime
  • Vodka with Fairy Floss
  • Vodka with Fruit Tangle
  • Vodka with Passionfruit
  • Vodka with Creamy Soda
  • Vodka with Portello
  • Vodka with Strawberries & Cream
  • Vodka with Toffee Apple
  • Vodka with Sarsaparilla
  • Vodka with Lime
  • Vodka with Raspberry
  • Vodka with Lemon, Lime & Bitters
  • Vodka with Cherry
  • Vodka with Turkish Delight

This is probably the largest and most diverse range of premixed Vodka cans on the market today with a flavor for everyone to enjoy.

You can head into your local bottle shop to pick up many of these flavours but we recommend heading to the Billson website and purchasing from there.

Want to learn more about Billson’s? You can check out our information here.